Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Made Little People for a Friend

A while back I went to Austin, TX to visit my good friend Barbara Tomlinson and hang out, climb rocks, and lounge around for a week. While she was at work she asked me to make her something with a small mountain of unused electrical components and general goodies she had around her place, and these are what I came up with over a day or two. The gears turn on the panel piece and I made her the archers since she's been cross that I sold the archer a while back and it wasn't to her. Sisyphis and the horse just seemed to pop up and that mouse ball was asking for someone to roll it.

I Made a New Post on S2S (and a bunch of stuff)

Hey all, I've been pretty busy in the last couple months with house and work and bank stuff, but I've also been making stuff too. Among them are a motorcycle parts mouse, motorized 1920's style bicycle, a charcoal forge, a twisted railroad spike knife, tongs, another mini motorcycle, and the start of another full-sized human figure. Czech it out here on Scrap to Sculpture.

I've also made a picnic table out of recycled wood that's strudy enough to hold up a few hundred pounds of steel and act as an anvil stand:

And a nice deluxe rabbit condo largely from pallet wood:
But I have no photos of it at the moment. Dang.