Saturday, July 19, 2008

I made a banner

I decided to try and make a nice looking banner for my band Anderdown. We have a logo I'm pretty sure we're sticking with, but it was too small and I'm not the best at replicating something I've already drawn so I dug up my old opaque projector a largeish ceramic bowl.

First I used the bowl to make a circle on a bamboo place mat the size I wanted, then I used the projector to give me a good image I could trace onto the mat. After that I filled it in and placed the band name across the side with some stencils. There is still a large empty space across the bottom, which I'm still trying to decide on what to fill with. I think it came out looking pretty good myself.

I might remake it with Anderdown on one line so there's no confusion over it being one word or two, I just liked the way it lays out when it's two woods.

I made another banner that has "ANDERDOWN" written in a single word rather than two. The mat I used this time is a little larger. I'll figure out what to do with that space in a bit.

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