Sunday, August 31, 2008

I made up a story

This is pretty much a filler post, but something of an insight to how I process things in my head as I make them.

I was bored at work yesterday and saw a half-erased squiggle on the white board. I noticed the squiggles looked like a set of eyes and a large tongue, so I drew out what I saw more clearly, giving them more definition with the tongue crease and the outlines of the eyes. Then I needed to give the face a head. The eyes were too long to make a decent head, so I left them as stalks above the head. I didn't want to draw a body since I was just doodleing so I added arthopod legs to the sides of the head. It looked like a crab with no claws now.

I wanted to leave the crab there for all my coworkers to see on Monday, but the crab needed a reason to be there, so I decided that he must be a server crab since I work at a datacenter (where a lot companies run their servers from, it's kinda where the internet lives) so I labeled him as such. I then wondered what it is that a server crab might do. Since he didn't look like he could manage much aside from licking things it seemed obvious that server crabs must be quite adept at licking server. This presents a problem though, since valuable electronics that have to run all the time and saliva all over said electronics wouldn't go well together.

I decided that the server crab was a wanted man (a wanted crab?). I added a quote and a wanted sign above his head, then came up with the notice below. I also figured that if the server crab was on a wanted poster, he must have facial hair befitting a fugitive, so he got a pencil moustache. Then with the addition of a border to the poster and a nail to hold it in place the poster was more or less done.

I've added a better description today "Wanted in connnection with saliva-related hardware failures in datacenters world-wide. Should be approached with caution and a bowl of melted butter." and added $10,000 below that.

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