Monday, December 1, 2008

I Made GIFs

A while ago I got hella bored at work, and while wondering what to do with a super-cheap digital camera I had and an Optimus Prime plushie I decided to make a GIF with him. I taped up the camera between a box and a chair and set to work making a stop motion GIF of him walking up, transforming, and rolling out. I bumped the camera once, which kinda spoiled the effect of him doing it seemlesly over and over, but it still looks pretty neat.

I also made another GIF of some coax cable connectors playing Romeo and Juliet. Can't you just see the starcrossed love between them? I forgot which program I used to string the photos together into a moving GIF, but it was pretty hard to find one that didn't require a good bit of skill and didn't plaster a watermark all over the end result without paying for it as you can see in one of the gifs it decided to do. I should have written down the second program I used

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