Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I made some small things

Not everything I make is big enough to warrant it's own post, so here are some smaller thing's I've made.

The first thing I made was a 15 foot long rope made from smaller rope I braided together after a rope twisting tool I made couldn't hold up to the tension it needed to.

The next thing is pretty usual, an omelet I made with BBQ Vienna sausages up at my family's hunting camp when I went there to get some alone time last summer. It was my first omelet and I was proud of how well it came out. Very yummy.

I also made an "LED tree" from a couple of dead AA batteries and a pile of old green LEDs. It was a pretty neat little toy and stayed lit for a couple days on batteries that were pretty well dead. for any other use. I guess the batteries being drained so low already was why the LEDs didn't burn out without a resistor in the circuit. Organically shaped circuits are fun.

Santa's little helper here was a result of an old dead VCR and a slow Saturday at work. He's made from various components off the VCR's circuit board and the Christmas tree is made from the board itself along with some wire and LEDs. The light at the top actually lights up off a 9V battery.

That's all the mini-makings I've got for the moment. I guess I'll toss up some more after I snap some photos of more of my smaller projects. TTFN

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