Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Made a Terminator's Hand

A good friend of mine's birthday was coming up a few months ago and he remarked that it would be awesome if I could make him a terminator's hand as a birthday gift half-jokingly. I thought about for a few days off and on and eventually worked out that I could probably pull it off. I managed to get it done before his birthday and I think it came out very well. Everything's as close to proper scale as I could make it except and the sizes of parts are right about the same except where I simply didn't have the right materials to go with. Finding something similar to some of the parts made out of either stainless steel, chromed steel, or at least galvanized is hard. I did just so happen to have a nearly exact match for the ball joint in the wrist though. Here's the comparison of the real deal and what I made:

The whole thing took a lot of time, planning, grinding discs, little pieces, and having to go search around home depot and the flea market to find appropriate parts for finger joints and tendons.

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Jeremy said...

That is incredible. I'm a huge fan of the movies, I'd love to make something like that.